Nuisance Wildlife Control

JNJ Pest Control
JNJ Pest Control

John Taylor is a New York State licensed animal control operator and he promotes, safe, humane. responsible wildlife removal.
When animals enter homes, damage property, and becomae a nusiance to you, please consider JNJ Pest Control to solve your problem.
We only use humane animal control methods such as trapping (use of live traps) or exclusion devices or hand removal of nuisance animals from your home, garage, building or business.

We are experienced in dealing with all types of wildlife including…
• Raccoons
• Bats
• Snakes
• Squirrels
• Birds
• Bees/Wasps
• Groundhogs
• Beavers
• Opossums
• Skunks
• Coyotes
and more…

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